A. Y. Jackson at Grace Lake in the 1930s

1930s A. Y. jackson art Canadian Canadian history Franklin Carmichael Grace Lake Group of Seven Killarney Provincial Park La Cloche Northern Ontario photography

Grace Lake was a favourite of Group of 7 artist A. Y. Jackson and here is a portion of a letter he wrote to his relative Naomi Jackson Groves on October 22, 1933 and postmarked 'Willisville' October 25, 1933.
"I merely make sketches. I have a box full of them. It's been hard work getting them with so much rain and cold wind. Grace Lake is surrounded with big rocky hills. There are several little islands on it. Your Dad would love to spend a summer here. There is one little lake up on top of the hills, with muskeg all around it, just full of pitcher plants.
I believe there are wolves and bears around, but they mind their own business just like me. The mice are much more dangerous-I have to keep my grub hung up on the ridge pole of the tent. I feel them running over my sleeping bag at night, and I turn my flashlight on them and they run like hell.
Well, such is life at Grace Lake, my dear..."
The two photos are of Ruth House Rockwood at Grace Lake and a view of the lake from the northwest ridge both from the 1930s. This is what A. Y. Jackson saw.

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