Camp Manitou & The Willisville Fire Tower

Algoma Eastern Railway Bay of Islands Camp Manitou Fire Tower Georgian Bay La Cloche Willisville Willisville Mountain

Jack (John) Burke, the Fire Ranger, at the Willisville 
Fire Tower started a journal on July 12, 1927, which may be when the tower opened.
'Visitors to the Tower' were signed in with the date and where they were from.
On August 13, 1927 a group from Camp Manitou visited the Fire Tower and the x indicates how many times the visitor climbed the Tower. The Bull family were well represented and below is a photo of some of the Camp Manitou campers, notice the M, at Bull's camp in Miller Bay, Charlton. The photo is most likely from the same time period.
Thanks for the great photo John & Barbara Hughes Bull!
There is a second Fire Tower Journal out there somewhere...from the 1940s on...if you happen to know where it is, please let us know. Thanks.

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