Hugh Cummings...photographer of La Cloche

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Hugh Cummings...photographer of La Cloche.
The Hugh Cummings Photography Collection captures the early days of Massey, Webbwood, and the surrounding landscape.
In 1898, Hugh Cummings, an amateur photographer, opened a photography studio in Massey in 1907, the same year the Massey Fair began.
Although Hugh was well known for his photographs of the local landscape, his studio became popular with Massey area residents who wanted to record birthdays, weddings, christenings and other festivities.
Cumming's photography shop has been reproduced in the Massey Area Museum, including the table so familiar to many young subjects and their doting parents.
Taking photographs of family events was time consuming, but Hugh found time to record life beyond the studio, offering many of these scenes on postcards for the general public.
In addition to historical photographs, the collection includes written histories of the Massey area, songs written and performed by local residents, and side-by-side comparisons of historical locations.
The collection can be viewed here courtesy of the Canadian Heritage Information Network.
Hugh Cummings and his 1923 Olds.

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